Cymbalta Lawyers Sue Eli Lilly

If you have been injured by the drug Cymbalta, you do not have to suffer in silence. This drug has wreaked havoc on unsuspecting depression, anxiety and chronic pain patients across the United States, and Cymbalta lawyers are joining with injured patients to hold the drug maker responsible for this gross deviation from proper labeling and drug warnings. The FDA recently issued an open letter to Eli Lily for routinely and systematically airing and printing advertisements which minimized the risk of this drug and persuaded patients that Cymbalta is perfect safe. Those having suffered from Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome might beg to differ as this drug is linked to the onset of suicidal thoughts and tendencies, mania, depression and physical symptoms. Do not let Eli Lily avoid liability for their refusal to protect patient health and wellness. Speak to a Cymbalta lawyer today if you or a loved one experienced any of the symptoms described above or believe Cymbalta may be responsible for other health problems you are enduring.